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Teamogic works with contact centers (or other big teams) to help them understand and monitor the behavior of their employees, even when working from home. Focusing on employees' behavior we provide immediate business value, at low costs without integration efforts.



Utilize simple operational reports (basic logs) in near real-time. No need for personal or private information


Low cost integration and short time to value. We work with the current infrustrcutes and processes without any need to change them



Identify collective and individual important parameters and impacting factors to maximize key performance matrix


Use AI to relieves managers from having to analyze or track data and dashboards and to improve managers situational awareness



Building the team's and the employees' behavior profiles to identify expected and abnormal behaviors


Impacting performance through employees' behavior, and not through changes in processes or CX, reduce the adoption burden for customers and employees



Mapping abnormal behaviors to situations and actionable recommendations, while they happen


Utilizing industy repositories of situations and recommendations learned from the combination of AI and wisdom of the crowd


Identify and Act Immediately

Near real-time behavior related alerts & recommendations & team overview

  • Identifies dozens of employee work-related situations in real-time
  • No analysis is required by the manager
  • E-mail or web based short and concise notifications
  • Provides actionable insights suitable for the employee
  • A concise team overview that provides the context and the big picture

Identify and Act Immediately

Understand behavior patterns

Employee personal behavior card

  • Bottom line conclusions on the agent Performance
  • Insights on agent expected performance range
  • Lists of influencing factors on agent's performance
  • Supporting HR decisions and compliance requirements

Understand behavior patterns

Compare employees behavior

Benchmarking reports

  • Sophisticated employee benchmarking
  • Setting expectations regarding agent capabilities
  • Realizing agent maturity and performance consistency

Compare employees behavior

Day in a life

How can Leland Randall's manager optimize his performance and save the workday?
... a day in a life of an agent:

time to value

A simple pilot process leads to short time to value

Stage 1

You provide one-time basic ACD & CRM logs (3 months of data)

Stage 2

Within two weeks we provide initial insights on your operations and employees

Stage 3

You configure basic hourly ACD & CRM reports

Stage 4

You run our platform in your operational environment till business values are proven

Easy integration - Quick Results - Flexible Platform

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PT DIKA is a leading Indonesian BPO company and a subsidiary of the BCA Employee Pension Fund. PT DIKA specializes in sales and operations outsourcing, and manages 5,000 agents in various domains such as sales, collections, operations and IT.

Case Study

"Maintaining top-level services is more challenging than ever. With the help of Teamogic, we were able to achieve and exceed our goals.“

Darwin Tan - CEO


What Teamogic does

  • We want to understand the erratic behavior of employees within (big) teams for managerial purposes
  • We provide a SaaS AI-based platform improving employees and teams performance and engagement
  • Our platform generate throughout the workday behavior related real-time alerts, recommendations and insights

What is challegning big teams like contact centers or back-office operations in keeping employees engaged and performing at their best:

  • Employees are remote and work from home
  • Managers’ attention is divided
  • Human behavior is erratic and situational
  • High employees and manager turnover

Teamogic's Team

Erez Itzcovich

Co-founder, CEO

Nir Levy

Co-founder, CTO

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