Teamogic Solution

Intraday notifications for team leaders

Abundance of employees’ work-related situations identified in real-time by the solution.

Coming with best recommended action suitable for each agent to insure top performance.

Accompanied by additional information including influencing factors on agents’ performance to assist manager.

Employees personal cards

Provides statistically inferred insight about the agents’ progress. Saving analysis time and misjudgments, supporting HR decisions and compliance.

Supported by behavior indexes outlook including statistical distributions and trends.

Accompanied by lists of factors influencing agent’s performance.

Contact Center’s manager view

Provides a simple view, with easy sorting and lookup tools, on intraday employees’ issues that were identified during the shift.

Immediate insights emanate from observing team leaders’ real-time response to the issues, in relation to shift performance.

Team overview

Sophisticated monthly outlooks on employees’ performance, setting management expectation, realizing agents’ maturity and performance consistency.

The report provides immediate insights about management actions that can improve agents’ performance.